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2:00om 11 Aug 2020 to 3:00pm 11 Aug 2020
Webinar;Workplace Safety
Broadcast from Suite 7 19 Norwood Crescent , Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

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The workplace has a new standard. Social distancing and temperature checking, designed to ensure the health of employees and the community.  Ensure your business is safe by implementing protocols and policy that support these require employee and workplace practices.

As the government begins relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, employers should be planning for the return of employees and clients into the workplace.
As an employer, you need to consider how this can be done safely whilst meeting business needs.  At the end of this webinar we will supply you with a number of factsheets to assist with staff communications and policy planning.

In this webinar, we will discuss how employers can plan for a safe return to the workplace, including:
Maintaining social distancing in the workplace – or work space safety

  • Implementing change of start / finish times to reduce traffic flow
  • Maintaining work from home policies
  • Implementing post lockdown stress & wellbeing checkup
  • Implementing and education of Flu shots and the usual illness policies
  • Policies for the continued use of PPE

Review of high contact areas

  • Shared or open plan offices
  • implementing new cleaning regimes
  • alternating break times to reduce contacts in lunch rooms and bathrooms
  • review of disposable products rather than shared items (we have encouraged keep cups over the last few years but do we now need to go back to disposables?)

Responding to new outbreaks

  • Does your organisation have a policy for pandemics
  • Does your organisation need to update policy on PPE

Ongoing education  and policy development


Tony Lawrence

Principal – Safety Plus Risk Management

Tony has worked for over 30 years as a health and safety professional with public and private employers including Tafe NSW, WorkCover and industry associations. As a consultant he has a variety of clients throughout the health and community sector including NSW Health,  in home care services and not-for-profits.

He has extensive experience in assisting businesses develop their health and safety systems for accreditation and is retained by a range of organisations to undertake internal audits in preparation for the accreditation audits.

Tony is an experienced trainer and coach, working with managers and teams to develop the skills needed to effectively manage health and safety in their workplace.

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