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2:00pm 22 Jul 2021 to 3:30pm 22 Jul 2021
Human Resources;Management;Webinar;Workplace Safety
Broadcast from Suite 7 19 Norwood Crescent , Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

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Each team member comes into the workplace with a different style and opinion. Conflict in the workplace can evolve from a simple disagreement or understanding into a full blown furniture throwing security threat.
Personality conflict, poor communication, poor definition or understanding of acceptable behaviour and/or job clarification, and discrimination can all lead to conflict.
New workplace safety laws have made safety a key role for managers and employers - ignore safety and you can go to jail.  Deal with conflict before it leads to injury.
(Note workplace B & H will be discussed in a separate webinar) 

Join our webinar and learn;

  • What happens when conflict is left unchecked
  • When to start the process of conflict resolution
  • How does your workplace policy on conflict fit in
  • Workplace safety is key


David Wenban

David is Managing Director of the Australian Health Industry Group which advises the Community, Health and Business Services sectors on HR, IR, legal and management issues. 

Using his formal clinical, management and legal qualifications and experience in the health sector David provides concise and pragmatic advice.

His past roles include working as the CEO of a small rural health service, Executive and Corporate Counsel of a large metropolitan health service and Legal and Management Consulting throughout Australia.

David's special areas of practice are administrative law, information technology, contract and commercial law, disciplinary tribunals, employment and industrial law, equal opportunity, governance, internal audits, occupational health and safety, workcover, risk management and strategic planning.

David's simple pragmatic approach, combined with real life examples, makes his training sessions informative and thought provoking.

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